Walmart and the Cloud

Beyond the Headline- Walmart embraces the cloud to take on Amazon

I recently read an article in REUTERS on February 13, 2018  and my reading is very different than the headline states.  My reading of the article is that Walmart is returning to in-house data centers that are linked together.  This is a wild stretch to call this cloud computing. 

If my reading is correct, we are seeing the natural return to in-house data centers that we saw when the "precursor" to cloud computing - time-sharing -  had the same pattern.  We all have three choices when we procure anything (including computing cycles) - (1) rent, (2), lease, (3) buy.  We are returning to Buy.  We have been discussing this change with our clients for the last 8 months, as we move from the internet age to the information age.  Is this what you are seeing? 

If we have a true Enterprise Architecture (different from EITA - enterprise information technology architecture), there will be no effect on the Business itself, but will be an effect in the technology environment. 

Your thoughts are welcome!