Maturity Models

Maturity Models for Business Architecture – the What’s and the How’s

With the increased emphasis on Business Architecture in Business and Enterprises worldwide, organizations are finding that require a “gauge” on how they are progressing with this endeavor.

As the phrase goes “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”, and therefore the need exists for understanding how organizations are progressing in maturing their practice of Business Architecture.

Maturity Models provide guidance for Business Architecture growth and practice improvements in an organization, based on industry standards, academic rigor, theoretical soundness, and decades of practice and observation of Business Architecture activities.

As organizations' Business Architecture activities mature, it is critical they provide guidance and definitions necessary for the successful integration of information and services across the Business.

These and other characteristics of successful Business Architecture activities are crucial for success, and the Maturity Models provide guidance on Business Architecture maturity growth.

We hope you'll find the slides used in a recent Webinar helpful in understanding where your organization is in it's Business Architecture maturity.