Represent and Illuminate your Business Architecture and Strategy using A B L™ The Human Consumable Business Language for Business and Technology Personnel.

Let’s face it, communication is hard. Especially between Your IT Department And the Rest of Your Business.

The Architected Business Language A B L™ was developed to address the eight (8) key elements to successful business understanding and communication.

These eight elements provide the underpinning of the three “sets” of communications that exist in an enterprise or organization
(1) Business people communicating with business people,
(2) Technology people communicating with technology people, and finally
(3) Business people communicating with technology people, and technology people communicating with business people.

The overarching objective of A B L™is to provide a communication mechanism that allows business expression of a problem or opportunity, that could potentially be transformed by technologists into mechanized or manual solutions. In understanding these objectives, the underlying design philosophy is to “keep it simple” – avoid unnecessary complexity.

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