This is the BACOE Enabler engine that parallels the BACOE Methodology. The Enabler provides a complete tool to develop Architecture Models, Relationship Models, Perform Analysis, develop Capabilities, prioritize those Capabilities, in a human consumable format.

File needed to create Organization Chart in Visio. Update this file using buttons found in the Business Architecture Enabler tool.

This file provides guidance and instructions on how to develop Business Capabilities using the BACOE Capabilities Engine toolkit.

This file is a diagram of the methodology detail used for Business Architecture to produce Business Capabilities.

This is the suggested draft Business Architecture Project Plan - Work Breakdown Structure to conduct an iteration of Business Architecture - developing Architecture Models, Relationship Models, and performing analysis to generate the required Business Capabilities aligned with Business Goals.

This file provides a checklist format for the tasks required to conduct a Business Architecture iteration.

This file provides Pre-Workshop Guidance and Actions: Things to Do, to Create, to Complete in rough order of precedence.

This file provides an example Business Executive Sponsor commitment letter.

A suggested representation of the strategic content of a Business Architecture summarized in a one page format.

This file provides an example of a possible Business Architecture report, using the Toy Story example Business Capabilities generated by the Business Capabilities engine.