Anupam Asthana

I must thank you with all my heart for your instruction style and skill transfer technique that you utilized in the workshop. In a small period of time I was able to gain knowledge of highly applicable skill set, which can be used to study various types of businesses and provide solutions to inherent problems that those businesses may be facing. I have a diverse educational background ( PhD in Science and Math Research and Education, MS. in Chemistry, MS in Computer Science). Along with this I also hold some certificates like PMP, CSCP, CRCMP, and Business Process Management. I was searching for a tool that can be used to integrate the knowledge gained from all these areas of study and be applied to progress in my career. My goals also include continuous involvement in research. The workshop has undoubtedly given me a tool and knowledge to move forward with motivation and focus. Thank you for enlightening me with this knowledge. I look forward to guidance from you in future.

Dana Baer