S. Evadney Hamilton

Thank you so much for writing such an eloquent and insightful article and sharing it with your EACOE members! I cannot begin to tell you how timely your article is. EA is a new concept and approach to many of the University's stakeholders. I find myself constantly having to emphasize (and re-emphasize) that EA (or as we are performing it via the Process Improvement Assessment project that we are working on, is more than technology and that it requires that the institution have a better understanding of its business and use technology to achieve identified, ranked and prioritized goals. It is proving to be really hard to get those involved in the various business operations units to connect to something outside the traditional and siloed approaches that they are used to for strategic assessment. I'd like to share your written wisdom with my boss (Provost/COO) and his executive team (Executive Vice Provost, CFO/Treasurer and Sr. Vice President) to paint a better depiction of what EA is and should be (I firmly believe that it's best to represent EA and what it is directly from you - the source). Again, thank you for all your hard work over the years to get EA to where it is, and more so, thank you for the enlightenment you have provided to us via your EA certification workshop. (I am forever changed and cannot evaluate anything without using some aspect of the EACOE's EA framework...). I wish I knew your style of EA years ago!

Dana Baer