We can come to you or we can work together remotely.

Virtual Business Architecture provides you with the expertise of our consulting services so you can achieve your goals quickly, efficiently, and economically.

vBA uses BACOE's Quick Start Business Architecture methodology, implemented with virtual (remote) support and/or on-site support. With vBA, you and your staff have access to the full complement of BACOE's experienced practitioners who will work with your organization to create a Business Architecture:

  • Development of explicit, rather than mostly implicit, business understanding and strategies to reduce risk and improve agility
  • Development of business-aligned capabilities
  • Optimization of business and technology processes through an Application Health Check

vBA is an effective way to begin or implement an organization's  development of Business Architecture. By leveraging, BACOE's demonstrated success and collective experiences, BACOE can help business focus on projects and priorities that will quickly bring the most value to their bottom line.

Businesses will decrease costs with a best practices approach to Business Architecture as well as the ability to use BACOE resources virtually instead of maintaining a full-staffed in-house experience.   

Businesses continue to ask for new services to address their complex and evolving needs. The service meets the needs of organizations who find it either too difficult or too costly to employ in-house Business Architecture expertise.


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