For over 30 years, the BACOE has dedicated its resources to developing a comprehensive body of knowledge for implementing architecture and model-driven business and technology planning, business process management and engineering and application development.

These proprietary techniques and procedures have set the standards for best practices and are used worldwide, with over 3,500 companies and 125,000 professionals educated and trained using this methodology.

Although most enterprises build information systems, few recognize that the end goal isn’t simply an information system, but rather an asset that is by necessity flexible, changeable and reusable so that it can successfully achieve future business performance management as well as meeting current business needs.

History has shown that, as complexity increases, separating Architecture (Engineering) from Implementation (Manufacturing) is crucial, yet not many organizations in today’s business world use business process modeling approaches that truly set apart Architecture from Implementation.

The BACOE course of study make these experiences available.

Because humans are naturally visually oriented, it’s difficult for us to distinguish the essence of a problem or solution by reading 1,000 pages of text. Additionally, one illustration that applies to both business personnel and technology personnel isn’t possible in disciplines outside of Business Architecture, making it likely that the same difficulty will occur when looking for one illustration for Business Architecture.

The BACOE provides comprehensive instruction that address complete systems through its hands-on Business Architecture practices, training courses workshops and professional activities.

This type of environment fosters learning and allows the Business Architect to understand and track the experience-based, regimented architecture process utilizing models to help enterprise stakeholders visualize, plan and develop consistent yet flexible and adaptive high-value solutions that become lasting Business assets.

As the leading professional association for Business Architecture, the BACOE sets professional standards, conducts research, supplies information and promotes professional and career development for the Business Architect. BACOE provides practice-based Business Architecture certification, professional networking and educational opportunities.

BACOE Benefits the Business and the Architect

Business is experiencing an era of change, making it vital for the summarized business intent to be clearly and easily translated into manual or mechanized solutions. Technical strategies alone are not sufficient enough to ensure alignment and offer business value.

To benefit from information resources that are crucial to the growth of an organization, it’s essential to have a Business Architecture that is in line with Business Strategy, that aligns with the Business Goals and is designed to effectively address and manage opportunities and risk.

Business Architects certified with the BACOE are the professionals who can help ensure a business’s success.

Enterprises that employ or contract Business Architects certified by the BACOE grasp the importance and effectiveness of professionals who have the credentials that are recognized and respected worldwide.

BACOE Business Architects have the background and skills to perform Business Architecture with universally accepted guidelines and standards, providing business and information technology personnel with the same terms of reference which keep misunderstandings at a minimum. This also facilitates business and IT people building from the same frame of reference.

BACOE Business Architect Certification produces the professionals that businesses are looking for, ones who are adept in current best practices in carrying out business architecture as a strategy and are committed to their profession. BACOE professionals have the skills that are essential in today’s competitive environment.

Business Architects certified by the BACOE are distinguished from other Business Architects by their commitment to maintaining these skills, following a professional path that includes demonstrating and enhancing expertise and proficiency, increasing knowledge and professional development.

BACOE Business Architects with advanced certifications exhibit Business Architecture skills, have participated in a rigorous training course, continue to validate their knowledge and skills through periodic recertification, and have the desire and drive to be leaders in their profession.

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Our overall desire is for you to be successful in your  Business Architecture endeavors. Our business architect certification workshops provide you with actual experience building models and completing analyses in a Business Architecture project.

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