My best to you and your team, who’s effort and delivery of value to all is outstanding and unprecedented and greatly valued by all.
— John N Johnson

The workshop was superb. Your presentation of the material was superb and your humor was appreciated, although laughter was not heard because we were all on mute in the Distance Learning format! I’m hopeful that I can push our EA team to work on a small initiative within the next month to demonstrate the value of the framework. Ahh, those other priorities always seem to get in the way of real progress.

Many thanks for a great workshop. The week went by like the days were hours.
— John Ackerman

Thank you for a very worthwhile experience this past week. The materials, lecture and group exercises will prove most useful in my work. It helped me formalize my understanding of work I have been doing for some time.
— Michael H Brody

It was pleasure meeting you during the workshop, certainly was an eye-opener. Slowly incorporating some of what’s learned during the workshop and am excited about incorporating more – Thank you!
— Jesse Galsim

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. When we first came to the class you said that we can’t sleep waiting for the next day’s class and I thought you were kidding. I think you may have a chuckle at this, but truly, I have not slept a single day without doing a case study in my dreams. I am really excited to see this implemented at my work. Thanks again for your great Workshop.
— Haritha Vemuri

Thanks again for leading one of the best workshops I’ve attended in my 30+ year career. Good Stuff. I’m a believer in your teaching and will do my best to carry what I learned forward! Cliff, Chris and I are already putting a plan of action in place. We will keep you informed of our success!!
— Tammie J Bossingham

The class last week was great! It gave me a good sense of affirmation in the things we are doing already as well as taught me a bunch of new tricks. I look forward to sharing my and our accomplishments with you.
— Brett Selleck

Thanks for a wonderful workshop practice and guidance provided during the week-long session. It was really good and I would definitely start using the methodologies in my organization.
— Sudarshan Iyengar